Thank You Brother Review

Priya(Anasuya), a pregnant woman, Abhi, (Viraj Ashwin) a spoiled guy gets trapped in an elevator due to the breakdown of the lift. Their situation further worsens as the government announces lockdown due to COVID-19 a few days before.

The residents of the apartment struggle to find a mechanic in the lockdown period, and Priya goes into labour in the lift. Can Abhi who does not know anything other than partying save the mother and the child?

Anish Kuruvilla, Archana Ananth, and Mounika Reddy play fictional roles. Viva Harsha and Raghavendra as the hero’s friends. The film depends on the two main leads – Anasuya and Viraj Ashwin to the most part. Anasuya stands out in her role as a pregnant woman with her excellent performance. In fact, it is Anasuya who holds the movie in the crucial sequences with her acting capabilities. ‘Thank You, Brother’ is the remake of a Nigerian thriller ‘Elevator Baby’, (The Nigerian thriller is also currently available for streaming on Netflix India).

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