Pachchis Review

Pachchis is the latest telugu thriller film released on Amazon Prime Raamz, Sweta Varma, Jay Chandra, Ravi Varma in the main roles and the movie is directed by Sri Krishna, Rama Sai and produced by Kaushik Kumar Kathuri, Rama Sai.

Abhiram(Raamz) is a guy who loves gambling but ends up luckless most of the time. A situation arises where he has to pay 25 lakhs to RK(Ravi Varma), the casino owner. To arrange this money, Abhiram enters a local political issue between two people called Gangadhar and Basava Raju. And that’s also the time, he comes across Avantika(Sweta Varma) who is in search of her lost brother and gets connected to the crime angle. How Abhiram will come out of this problem cleverly is the story of the film.

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