Sanjjanaa Galrani donates hair to cancer patients on her birthday

sanjana galrani

Actress Sanjjana galrani Birthday celebrations has been done recently on Monday 10th Oct. On the Occasion She donated her hair to Cancer Patients who are suffering from permanent baldness


Sanjjanaa Galrani says, “Every birthday I think of doing something good for society, this year I decided to donate my hair to cancer patients. Being in public life, when we do such works for a cause, we tend to create social awareness and inspire the public to follow suit. I have donated 12 inches of my hair which is going to be weaved into a wig. It will be handed over to a person who is suffering from Alopecia will be battling the disease and mental depression. What I have started now is going to be a continuous process which is an initiative from my foundation to ensure a greater number of wigs reach the cancer patients to boost their courage and self-confidence during tough times.”

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