Cinema Bandi Review

Cinema Bandi is a Telugu film which is currently streaming on Netflix. The film is produced by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK.

Veera Babu an auto driver finds a camera in his auto and decides to sell it for 10,000 Rs. but before selling it he takes the camera to his friend Ganapathi who’s a photographer. His friend tells him that it’s a movie making camera and that he can earn 10,000 Rs per month if he rents it. And later on, he decides to make a film using the camera he found using his villagers as the actors. They’ll decide on making a love story using the saloon shop guy as the hero and the vegetable selling girl as the heroine.

The story revolves around how Veera Babu the auto driver , Photographer Ganapathi and the villagers manage to take a film using the camera which they have no idea about how to use it and whether if they’ll finish making the movie and finding who’s camera it is.

Rating : 3.5/5

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