November Story Review

November Story is a Tamil web series directed by Indhra Subramanian and is produced by  Vikatan Televistas for Disney+ Hotstar. The story revolves around AnuRadha(Tamannah) and her father Ganeshan (G.M. Kumar), in a classic murder mystery where AnuRadha goes to an extreme level to save her father who will be a prime suspect in a murder case.

The performance of the actors is what attracts us. Tamannah who aces in her regular glam roles has performed well as AnuRadha. The way she showcases her tension, her love towards her father, investigation the case, what not she did very well.

GM Kumar as Tamannah’s father is as amazing as her and brings a lot of depth to the series. Pasupathi, who plays the  Yesu is also amazing and surprises us with his performance. Director Indhra Subramanian nicely establishes the basic story in the first episode and narrates the story very well.

A major twist is shown quite late and some may get irritated on why the murderer is not being revealed.

Rating : 3.5/5

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