Family Man 2 Review

The much awaited web series ‘The Family Man 2’ is out and lives up to the hype. Raj and Krishna the directors, has narrated the show in such a manner that our excitement levels raise up with each episode until the climax. There’re scenes that we feel dragged a bit to extend the time but they’re kind of negligible while watching the whole series.

Story starts with the Sri Lankan Government asking Indian PM to help them arrest the LTTE Chief Bhaskaran(Mime Gopi). On the contrary, Srikanth Tiwari(Manoj Bajpai) quits his undercover job and joins an IT firm. On top of that, that’s also the time when Sri Lankan PM visits India and taking this as an advantage, Bhaskaran(who is hiding in the UK) plans a painstaking attack and then brings in Raji(Samantha) a well-trained LTTE soldier to kill the PM through a suicide mission. Left with no choice, Srikanth is brought back to undercover job and is sent on a special mission to arrest Raji.

Manoj Bajpai continues to impress with his terrific acting and is even more lethal as the mission gets personal as well. He showcases his emotions and tense attitude in an excellent manner. Whereas, Sharib Hashmi, who plays Manoj’s assistant is also quite good and plays the supporting act well. Priyamani does good as always.

Samantha makes a splendid OTT debut and is mind-blowing as Raji. Samantha shocks us with her intense avatar and the manner in which she hides her pain and suffering looks  incredible. Be it her looks, body language, or stunts, Samantha is on another level here. She was amazing and you will never get to see her in such an avatar again. The way she kills her boss and the action scenes are excellent.

Rating : 4/5


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