Cinema Bandi Official Trailer

Cinema Bandi looks like an enjoyable watch as it displays an innocent effort of two villagers to bring their village out of it’s dreadful condition. In the trailer, we see an auto rickshaw driver who finds an expensive camera in the back seat of his rickshaw. When he shows the camera to his friend, his friend tells him that it’s a camera used to make movies starring super stars like Prabhas, Mahesh Babu. Together, the two friends decide to make a film and the earnings from the film to bring power and water supply to their village. The journey of their film making is packed with emotions, laughter and honesty. From them a good quality camera is all that needs to become a film maker.

Cinema Bandi will start streaming on Netflix from 14th May 2021. The movie is directed by Praveen Kandregula. The tagline of the movie is “Everyone is a filmmaker at heart”.

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